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$30, $27 MEMBERS (+$3 service fee)


“Richman is one of America’s most unique and dynamic songwriters…”
- Nashville Scene

“Richman didn’t need much else besides a beat to work his magic.”
- New York Daily News

“Buy tickets early. Buy tickets often. This is just good general life advice, but even more so when you’re talking about Jonathan Richman. Don’t get denied at the door, don’t leave things up to chance: You will regret it.”
- Nashville Scene

“Rhymes worthy of Ogden Nash.” 
- The New York Times

“Richman has spent decades removing barriers between himself and his audience, cultivating an intimacy that is almost extinct in modern music.”
- Nashville Scene

“The music we’re doing now works well in quiet places like theaters and performing art centers. We still don’t use a program or a setlist so we don’t know what we’ll do until we do it. Please do not expect old songs. Many singers my age do a retrospective; this show is not like that. It’s mostly stuff made up in the last 3 and 4 years. Some of the songs presented might be in different languages; this is not to be esoteric or clever, it’s because the different languages help me express different feelings sometimes. One last thing, my idea of a good show has nothing to do with applause. It’s about if all the songs I sang that night were ones that I felt.” 
- Jonathan Richman


Covid Safety Policy *check policy as it is different for this event*

  • Vaccination Status: 
    • All audiences entering the theater space for this performance are requested to be vaccinated against Covid-19. We ask that you bring a copy of your vaccination card or a photo of your card as proof of vaccination status.
  • Masks: Please wear your mask during your full visit. Masks are required in all areas of the building, including the gallery and theater.
  • Food/Drink: No food or Drink
  • Spacing: This event will be at full capacity. We are a small venue and physical distancing will be very limited.  You will likely have fellow audience members sitting directly next to, in front of, and behind you, at a distance of fewer than 6 feet.

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