Soul Food Cooking w/ Jonathan Gilmore

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Soul Food Cooking w/ Jonathan Gilmore

Jonny’s Seafood Gumbo

TUE JUL 21 | 7-8pm
$20 (+$3 service fee)

Miss Ida’s Kitchen: named in honor of my great-grandmother. In another time she would have used her advanced culinary skills to become a chef.


A look at Afro-American cooking traditions passed down through time. Discussing taboos and stereotypes as well relationship to Caribbean and West African dishes. We will look at the diaspora and how Black food in America has many shared recipes, regional dishes, and cultural arguments on ‘how to’. We will also investigate appropriation (Southern Food) as well similarities in “poor” people food traditions. Lastly, we will discuss the similarities between Soul Food and Soul Music, as well the importance of Soul Food funding the civil rights movement.


One week before each class, participants will receive an ingredients sheet outlining everything they will need to make that week’s delicious meal!


July 21 -Class 3:  Jonny’s Seafood Gumbo

The class takes place on ZOOM. 

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