Papercut Cityscapes

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Papercut Cityscapes

w/ Rosa Leff

SAT FEB 20 | 11AM-2PM
$30 (+$3 Service Fee)

Papermaking spread from China to the Islamic world by the 8th century. By the 11th century, it had made its way throughout Europe. Each culture along that path developed its own unique style of papercutting using scissors, knives, hammers and more. Now considered a folk-art medium, papercutting is experiencing a renaissance with more people than ever cutting paper to reflect modern times. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basic techniques of knife cutting and use them to cut a classic Baltimore scene: an alley full of power lines.

Create an 8x10” design based on a provided photo and receive guidance on how to cut an image of your choosing so you can continue to explore the medium either during class or independently. Additionally, explore the work of contemporary paper cutters from around the world and explore the variety of papers and tools that folks use to create works of art.

Rosa Leff

Between painting alongside her grandmother and watching her father build reproduction antique furniture, Rosa Leff grew up seeing no distinction between fine art and craft. What mattered most was things were made by hand and done well. With that in mind that she creates her hand-cut paper pieces. Each of Leff’s papercuts is cut by hand from a single sheet of paper using a knife. Her cityscapes are based on photos she’s taken in her neighborhood and all over the world. While Leff is best known for her ability to capture thin tangles of powerlines and intricate brickwork, she also enjoys experimenting with novel media such as paper plates and paper towels. Leff delights in bringing a modern, urban perspective to a traditional folk medium.

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