Cooking w/ Rocio Herrera: Enchiladas Verdes

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Cooking w/ Rocio Herrera: Enchiladas Verdes

JUL 24 | 5:30-7pm
$15 (+$3 service fee)


Tune in to learn the history and art of making enchiladas from Rocio Herrera, a native of Mexico and Artesana of Creative Alliance! 

Español: Historia De Las Enchiladas Suizas
Se derivan de la tortilla cuyo origen se remonta de la civilizaciones precolombinas de mesoamérica. La enchilada es un plato que en México se prepara con tortilla de maíz bañada con una salsa picante. El Chef Rodrigo Llanes asegura que decidieron llamarlas enchiladas porque cuando las vieron, así verdecitas, albutaditas, y copeteadas de queso, y crema le recordaban a los alpes Suizos. Hay 8 clases de enchiladas: Enchiladas de mole, verdes,  Suizas,  mineras, potosinas, de nata, rojas, placeras


English: History Of The Swiss Enchiladas 

They’re derived from the tortilla whose origin dates back to the pre-Colombian civilizations of Mesoamerica. Enchiladas is a dish in Mexico that is made with corn tortilla dipped in a spicy sauce. Chef Rodrigo Llanes assures that they decided to call them “enchiladas” because when they saw them, with a green color, rolled up, topped with cheese, and cream, it reminded them of the Swiss alps. There are 8 kinds of enchiladas: Enchiladas of mole, green, Swiss, mineras, potosinas, of nata, red enchiladas, placeras  


A list of ingredients will be emailed to you after you register. 

The zoom link to class will be emailed the day of the event. 


About The Instructor

Rocio Herrera is from a small town in Mexico called Tepetlixpa which means between hills. This name is from the Uto-Aztecan language Nahuatl. Rocio has been in the Latin American women group the Artesanas of Creative Alliance for the past four years. She honors her culture by speaking Spanish, sharing her roots with other communities and friends. Ms. Herrera seeks to highlight the value of her country's land, folklore, and traditional arts. Passed down from her parents and grandparents, these traditions are full of nuances; colors, flavors, sounds, and rhythms. Rocio is very proud to belong to the country of Mexico.


Her artistic specialities are making traditional Mexican piñatas, paper flowers, chopped paper, and totomoxtle flowers. Rocio loves cooking Mexican food the most because the gastronomy is varied and exquisite.

JUL 24 | 5:30-7pm | $15 (+$3 service fee) Workshop takes place on Zoom


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