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On view | FEB 6-MAR 20
Event Type: Exhibitions


Within the very fabric of the Black portraiture genre, a rebellious spirit thrives. Beautiful images exude bright colors, ideas, and histories that can only be fully realized when told through the consciousness of Black artists themselves. Stories are accurately extrapolated when presented by those with an understanding of the nuances at play. Black narratives must be told using the first-hand experience as the cicerone. The artworks in BRIGHT provide new contexts to Black life and serve as a brave choice by these artists to push back against mainstream portrayals of Black bodies.

BRIGHT brings together ten Black American artists to Creative Alliance’s main gallery. Their dazzling works showcase an authentic depiction of Black life, forcing viewers to see Blackness in a new light.

Opening day viewing 1-5 PM and limited capacity reception from 6-8 PM mask required!

Marie Charlotte Amegah
Destiny Belgrave
Michael A. Booker
Schroeder Cherry
Andrew Gray
David Ibata
Jabari C. Jefferson
Megan Lewis (cover photo)
Arin Mitchell

On view FEB 6-MAR 20



This exhibition will be view FEB 6-MAR 20. Opening day hours will be 1-8PM with limited capacity

We are pleased to announce that Creative Alliance galleries are open by appointment. We would be delighted to schedule private viewings and gallery visits during this period. To schedule appointments, please get in touch with us in advance via email at

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