Norman Galinsky, Gil Ugiansky, and David Brown: Ruminative Marks

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Norman Galinsky, Gil Ugiansky, and David Brown: Ruminative Marks

@ At The Main Gallery

On Display: OCT 12 - NOV 30 | Gallery Hours: TUE-SAT | 11AM-7PM
Event Type: Exhibitions


On Display: OCT 12 - NOV 30 | Gallery Hours: TUE-SAT | 11AM-7PM

Gallery Talk: SAT NOV 9 | 1-3PM | FREE

Qigong Excercise workshop: SAT NOV 9 | 3-5PM | FREE

Opening Reception: SAT OCT 12 | 6-8PM | FREE

The repetitive, precise mark-making and molding techniques demonstrated in Galinsky’s paintings, Ugiansky’s sculptures, and Brown’s installations exemplify how  the meditative nature of repetition can create the space necessary to accomplish any ambition. From afar these techniques create visually stunning works of art, but it is only in the close details where one can best appreciate the dedication and ruminative qualities of the work.

Exhibition Statement

Progression is often slow and a result of consistent action. Whether one is attempting to create a new habit or accomplish a goal, repetition in some form is usually a necessity. Throughout history we’ve repeatedly seen that when small actions continually aggregate, they amass into much more meaningful outcomes.

The artworks on display in this exhibition have each come together as a result of small, precise, mark making and/or molding. The practices of each artist in this exhibition involve repetitive motions that demonstrate dedication worthy of praise.

The marks within Norman Galinsky’s paintings are made in a spiritual and energetic fashion; he writes, “the images depict a ‘stillness in motion’ [that draw] the viewer into a meditative dialog.” The geometric figures created on each canvas are made up of hundreds of small, almost identical, marks. These images transport viewers into a new state of mind brought on by their trancelike nature. Although every figure he creates yields recognition from aesthetes, when viewing these works from afar it is impossible to fully recognize the meditative nature of each piece. His works require viewers to get up close and analyze the hundreds of marks used to bring each piece to its complete form.

The wooden blocks that embody full name David Brown’s three-dimensional canvases allow his work to take on different forms. They creep onto the floor and climb up the gallery walls, taking on a more physical nature. In combination with the unorthodox geometric figures these blocks create, the repetitive marks made inside of these installations emphasize the more literal perspective of pushing boundaries and finding mediation through purposeful action. His works accentuate the sweat equity and unavoidable bodily tolls experienced when one is truly dedicated to a cause.

The precise cutting and molding practices demonstrated in full name Gil Ugiansky’s sculptures create carefully measured geometric shapes that seem to challenge physics. Conversely from the other practices on display in Ruminative Marks, Ugiansky techniques involve the subtracting of materials and inadvertent mark making. By cutting figures out of large metal objects, he personifies the belief of ‘addition through subtraction’ and visually displays how deserting certain aspects and behaviors within our lives can inadvertently add gratification and encourage more meaningful actions. This introduces the development of the beautiful results we never knew could exist.

To fully appreciate this exhibition, the viewer must acknowledge the mental space and physical elements that comprise these transcendent activities. The movements, persistence, and discipline necessary to accomplish any ambition, no matter how large or small, require ruminative actions.

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