Little Mazarn w/ Mole Suit Choir

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Little Mazarn w/ Mole Suit Choir

THU MAY 30 | 7:30PM
$15, $12 MEMBERS (+$3 at the door)

A night of charming, weird and wonderful folk-tinged melodies.

Inspired by the 1960s primitive folk revival and early “high lonesome” Appalachian sound, as well as modern minimalism andambient music, Little Mazarn combines imaginative songwriting with dreamy and innovative use of traditional instruments and textures. 

Their second alubum, Io, just released in 2019, finds them ever expanding their musical palette & filling out their ethereal otherworldly sound while maintaining their deceptively simple approach. Ever the consummate collaborators, Little Mazarn includes guest vocals by Will Johnson (Centro-matic; South San Gabriel) & Kendra Kinsey, vibraphone & drums by Thor Harris (Thor & Friends; Swans; Shearwater) and fiddle & kalimba by Ralph White (Bad Livers). Five exquisite originals and two covers: Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" and Country Willie Edwards' "Marfa Lights." Live, the duo pull you into their own exquisite world.

The Mole Suit Choir is one banjo, one guitar, one triangle, a thumb piano and two soulful vocals painting an aural life raft with inspired harmonies. They gestated in the Baltimore underground for 25 years, Liz Downing and Rupert Wondolowski circling each other in the orbit of the arts community. For this show, Greg Hatem (Natural Velvet) will be joining them, adding atmospheric sparckles. 

THU MAY 30 | 7:30PM | $15, $12 MEMBERS (+$3 at the door)

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