Healing the Body: Painting and Meditation w/ Ashley Dequilla

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Healing the Body: Painting and Meditation w/ Ashley Dequilla

SAT FEB 29 | 11AM-2PM
$25, $20 MEMBERS

Spend the afternoon engaged in artistic expression within the safety of the gallery walls at the Creative Alliance. Ashley Dequilla leads you on a journey of self-expressions, exploration, and healing as you create a 72” x 32“ abstract figure portrait. These large-scale, self-portraits symbolize a psychic re-connection in consciousness between the body and spirit and explore the healing process through art.  

Throughout the session you will engage in relaxed discussions and meditations focuse on feminist approaches to figuration and tactility in art. Ashley, stimulates person-centered reflection and group conversation by asking participants to discuss their creations throughout the day. At sessions’ close you are photographed with your creation. 

No background knowledge or art-making skills are required. The focus of this workshop is on the process of creative expression rather than end results.


Ashley Dequilla is an artist, educator, and activist based in Washington DC. Her narrative and abstract paintings explore themes pertaining to her spirituality, political views, and Filipina-American identity, particularly in the way of de-colonization. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, astrology, hip hop dance, and her cat Midnight


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