Essential Tease: A Transformative Burlesque Class Series

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Essential Tease: A Transformative Burlesque Class Series

Sundays JUL-28 - SEP 8 | 11AM- 3PM | Performance on SEP 15
$375, $350 MEMBERS (Registration fee is for entire series)

What is burlesque? It’s sensuality, storytelling, and so much more! It is about being your authentic self on stage and sharing your story with the world. Welcome to Essential Tease, a series that guides you through act creation from start to finish!  Learn and incorporate mindful techniques for both on and off the stage through internal and external work. Tell your story, cultivate your creativity, and celebrate your sexy! This class is open to ALL gender identities, abilities, ages, sexual preferences, races, religions, AND experience levels. All humans welcome!

Sunday, July 28: "Burlesque & Identity"
Begin to explore your personal identity as a performer and its relationship to burlesque history, legacy, and movement.

Sunday, August 4: "Burlesque on the Outside"
Our second class is all about manifesting and showcasing your internal power and beauty on the outside of your body through a comprehensive tour of burlesque costuming and basic peels.

Sunday, August 11: "Burlesque on the Inside"
In this session, we dive down to examine what parts of ourselves we want to represent through our performances. Discuss the vulnerability and strength that can accompany telling an authentic story through burlesque as well as methods of working with rather than against our fear.

Sunday, August 18: "Burlesque & the Body"
Focuse on storytelling using the body through musicality, performative movement, and narrative structure.

Sunday, August 25: "Burlesque & the Mind"
Explore the body-mind connection through personal meditation and partner exercises while uncovering the transformative power of laughter and joy.

Sunday, September 1: "Burlesque & the Heart"
Through guided meditation and exercises in emotional expression, you begin to discover your own “sexy” and explore how sensuality is inherently tied to self-love.

Sunday, September 8: "Burlesque is Sharing"
During the peer review process, performers receive helpful and constructive feedback on their acts in progress. Class begins and ends with breathing and centering exercises to help calm nerves and reinforce the safe and supportive audience of peers with whom you share.

Sunday, September 15 at 8PM: "Burlesque is Power"

It’s showtime! Today we focus on only one thing: manifesting our power. We know the moves, we’ve practiced over and over… now it is just time to tap into the confidence inside!

Ages 18+ | No drop in | LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! Reserve your space now!

Sundays JUL 28 - SEP 8| 11AM - 3PM | $375, $350 MEMBERS 


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