World Acappela: Iberi Choir of Georgia (Creative Alliance at B'nai Israel)

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World Acappela: Iberi Choir of Georgia (Creative Alliance at B'nai Israel)

THU JUL 26 7:30PM
$20, $17 MEMBERS (+$3 At the door)

Event location: 27 Lloyd St, Baltimore, MD 21202 (right near Attman’s Delicatessen and the Jewish Museum)

PARKING: There is ample free parking near B'nai Israel. You can park for free in the lot across from the temple, on Lloyd Street, on in the lot at the former Lenny's Deli at Lombard and Central or at Attman's Deli.

Join us for our continuing series of sacred music inside B’nai Israel’s majestic sanctuary. For this performance we will experience the stunning polyphonic songs from the Republic of Georgia

Just announced! Iberi will be collaborating for a special selection during this performance with Baltimore vocal artist and beat boxer Shodekeh.

The Iberi Choir is from the Republic of Georgia, home to one of the world’s most distinctive choral traditions with male singers providing gorgeously rich, shifting blocks of improvised harmony, crowing falsetto over the growling basses and soaring tenors.

Singing for the group isn’t just dramatic and intense stage performance, it’s a social thing; at the long table of a supra, a feast that’s at the center of Georgian life, the many courses and Georgian wine just keep on coming and so do the toasts and songs – work songs, carols, hymns, love songs, historical ballads, a praise song for the 12-13thC Queen Tamar (so powerful she was canonized by the Georgian Orthodox church as King Tamar), and very old songs from the pre-Christian era.

Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, is a mysterious and beautiful land inhabited by proud people of candid and stately character.

For many centuries, Georgia has been fostering a most unique musical culture, distinguished by its impressive grasp of harmony and vocal polyphony. The idea of music as divine freedom incarnate is palpable in Georgian. Here, music is literally everywhere.

The Georgian polyphonic song expresses human happiness, the joys and troubles of man’s relationship with God, the universe and fellow men. Singing, for Georgians, is an organic, inseparable part of human existence as such.

Almost everyone sings in this country. The majority of people sing as though it is their true calling and vocation, making it oftentimes quite difficult for one to differentiate between professionals and amateurs. Georgian songs deal with love and melancholy, their homeland and the whole wide world. In brief, the Georgian song responds to each vibration of human soul, giving musical life to its various states and conditions. – The multitude of voices, each distinct and strong, ascend and reach for polyphonic harmony. It sounds astonishingly captivating. And it’s only natural that polyphonic singing is Georgia’s musical calling card for hundreds of years now.

The choir has toured internationally and, with their inimitable passion and unmistakable skills, has won over many a heart in different corners of the world.

There’s an ancient Eastern saying, “It is always better to taste a cake instead of talking about it”. Accordingly, one should listen to Georgian songs for themselves, to discover the deeply rewarding treasures this singular musical culture has to offer. Life is so much richer when you’re enamored of the magnificence of the Song.

This program is generously supported by the Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Fund of the Associated

THU JUL 26 | 7:30PM | $20, $17 MEMBERS (+$3 At the door)

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