Sleep Is For The Week! Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project

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Sleep Is For The Week! Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project

$10, $7 MEMBERS (+ $3 at the door)

The Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project is the wild and sleepless weekend in which teams make a movie - write, shoot, and edit - in just 48 hours. On Friday June 8, they draw their genre from "the cruel hat of fate.” They then get a character, prop, and line to include in their film. On Sunday June 10, exhausted and invigorated filmmakers make the wild dash to get their films in before the 48 hour deadline. Then it's time to celebrate the world premiers of all completed films at Baltimore's own Creative Alliance on June 15th!

"Tell Me How" by .audioGIF, 4:03, Horror.
"Horseshoe" by Actors with Strings, 4:23, Western/Sports.
"Temporary" by AE Productions, 6:08, Romance/Martial Arts.
"Den of Lions" by Bold Creative Media, 7:44, Spy/Espionage.
"Kool Aid" by Citra Productions, 5:28, Dark Comedy.
"Birth of an Internet Troll" by Discordian Films, 5:34, Period Piece
"#intervention" by Grace Harbor Productions, 6:37, Fish Out of Water
"The Tantallon Effect" by KickBack, 6:55, Comedy.
"Silver Spirit: The World's Next Hope" by Pre Pre Productions, 7:49, Fantasy/Coming of Age.
"An Encounter at Saw Mill Branch" by BAT Productions, 7:00, Mystery Femme.
"The Guardian's Angel" by Shrug Productions, 4:50, Film Noir.
"Self Help" by Wytek Pictures, 5:00, Time Travel. 

"Verité " by Apartment Door Productions, 5:33, Superhero.
"Welcome Back" by Very Average, 5:06. Generation Gap.
"Mythical Creatures" by Plaskett Forest Films, 8:14, Fantasy.
"Things Are Looking Up" by Paulie's Charm City Brawlers, 5:24, Family Vacation.
"The Blueprint" by KurtIsDestruction, 5:22, Drama.
"Sticker Shock" by Fenris Productions, 6:13, SciFi.
"Made to Order" by Dude Haus Rising, 6:09, Time Travel.
"1996" by Curioso Films, 8:00, Road.
"Incoming Bull" by Bladder Productions, 6:33, Silent/Sports.
"Escalation" by The Stallworth, Key and Foster Productions, 7:22, Crime/Music.
"Crash Gavin in...Bomby-Babies" by BIRDFACE, 6:56, Spy.
"More Red" by Can We Change ThisLater? (productions), 6:59, Thriller.
"Dream of Cats" by Bright Boy Alert, 4:45, Disaster.

FRI JUN 15 | GROUP A @ 7PM | GROUP B @ 9PM | $10, $7 MEMBERS (+ $3 at the door)

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