Practical Approaches to Portrait Painting w/ Christopher Batten

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Practical Approaches to Portrait Painting w/ Christopher Batten

SAT OCT 20 2-5PM
$40, $35 MEMBERS

Provide your own materials - instruction will cover acrylics and oils.

Creative Alliance resident artist, Christopher Batten, will ease you through the normally daunting process of creating a realistic portrait through using different paint media, such as oils and acrylics. No experience necessary, open to all skill levels.

Workshop participants will be given a brief overview of facial anatomy, with an emphasis on how the skull impacts the surface qualities of the face. Planer construction will also be discussed, as well as the importance of NOT focusing on generating likeness in the early stages of portrait construction. Participants will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of the “part to whole” approach that is necessary in composing sound portraits.

Ages 15 and up.


  • A basic set of water mixable oils or acrylic paints (at least a blue, red, yellow, and white)
  • An assortment of brushes (flats, rounds, filberts) suitable for oil/acrylic painting
  • Container for water
  • Rags/paper towel
  • Palette for mixing (paper plates can work for this)
  • Canvas board or pre stretched canvas that is 12"x16" or larger
  • Vine charcoal, graphite pencil, or charcoal pencil

SAT OCT 20 | 2-5PM | $40, $35 MEMBERS

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