Paper-Made Bunraku Puppets w/ Maggie Winston

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Paper-Made Bunraku Puppets w/ Maggie Winston

$20, $15 MEMBERS

All Ages

Bunraku is a traditional form of puppetry from Japan, in which a human figure is manipulated by 3 puppeteers. One manipulates the head and arm, another the torso and arm, the third the feet. Together, through the intuitive movements of all 3 puppeteers working together, the puppet is brought to life with superb specificity. In this introductory workshop, participants will create a neutral looking human figure made out of crushed paper and masking tape. In groups of threes, they will make the puppet come alive with breath, emotion, physicality, and storytelling.

TUE NOV 6 | 7-9PM | $20, $15 MEMBERS

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