Roots Reggae Royalty: Culture Featuring Kenyatta Hill

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Roots Reggae Royalty: Culture Featuring Kenyatta Hill

W/ Scotty P (Jah Works)

Tues Apr 18 8pm
Event Type: Marquee Lounge, World

$18,$15 | +$3 at the door

Culture is reggae’s preeminent harmony group. Born in the ‘70s golden age of reggae, Culture’s legendary “Two Sevens Clash” was Reggae Album of the Year in 1977 and is acknowledged today by Rolling Stone Magazine as #25 of the 50 all time coolest records (the only reggae album to make the list).    

Until 2006, Culture was led by Joseph Hill’s unique voice, whose devotion to the traditional Rastafarian values of purity, simplicity and justice is exemplified by Culture’s lyrical themes.  Joseph’s son Kenyatta began his career the day his father’s ended when Joseph Hill collapsed and died while on a 2006 tour of Europe. To the amazement of promoters, fans and critics alike, Kenyatta stepped onstage and delivered electrifying performances time and again – nineteen shows in all – until the tour was complete. Kenyatta gave of himself so totally – as his father had for so many years – that the two seemed to become one, the eerily similar voices and the vibes igniting the critics and yielding a new reggae mantra “magic, not tragic!”

Influenced by elements of dancehall, grounded in the roots tradition and motivated to carry on his father’s work, Kenyatta set to writing – to finish songs that Joseph had started and create new music of his own. Now in 2017, Culture, led by the voice of Kenyatta and the spirit of Joseph, lives on.

8pm | $18,$15 | +$3 at the door

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