BURLESQUE EveryBawdy Strips!

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BURLESQUE EveryBawdy Strips!

Fri May 12 8:30pm
$25, $22 mbrs | + $3 at the door

You do it at the gym. You do it at home before bed. You even do it in the airport for TSA. That’s right: Everybody strips, and this showcase features performers who’ve taken it to a whole new level!

Bawdy Shop Burlesque and The Creative Alliance are proud to present the show that takes the day-to-day and makes it dirty! Transforms the humdrum into hubba hubba! The normal into the nasty! EVERYBAWDY STRIPS!

“Bare” witness to the glittery graduates of Burlesque for EveryBawdy! Charm City’s cavalcade of classic and cutting-edge cuties, cut-ups and cads have been putting their nose to the rhinestone for weeks and now YOU can see them shimmy, shine and sparkle on stage!

These ass-tute performers are eager to show you what it means to use poise, confidence, boldness, empowerment, and oomph every day in every way! Hosted by Bawdy Shop producer and the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Kay Sera, you may just find yourself ready to take off a layer or two yourself! After all…. EVERYBAWDY STRIPS! at The Creative Alliance on Friday, May 12th

8:30pm | $25, $22 mbrs  | + $3 at the door

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