Murdercastle: How to Make a Rock Opera

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Murdercastle: How to Make a Rock Opera

Fri Nov 25 7:30pm
Event Type: Screenings, Documentary

$10, $7 mbrs | + $2 at the door

Dir. Matt Kelley & Greg Bowen

2016,  97 min.

An intimate look at the Baltimore Rock Opera Society as they battle against all odds to present their most ambitious production yet: Murdercastle. 

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society was formed by a small group of friends in 2007.  Today the BROS boasts over 300 members.  For their recent large-scale production, Murdercastle, the BROS had 99 days to build the original rock opera from scratch.  Murdercastle: How to Make a Rock Opera takes a tender look at the life of serial killer H. H. Holmes’ infamous “Murder Castle,” a hotel he built with hidden passages and secret rooms to murder 27 guests in 1893 Chicago.  The Baltimore City Paper said of the production, “Call it sincere, call it serious, Murdercastle is the production where the BROS gets ambitious.”  This film takes us backstage where BROS's ambition rubs up against the group’s own limitations, chafes, and eventually leads to growth. 

7:30pm | $10, $7 mbrs | + $2 at the door

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