Locos Por Juana + Juanita Ca$h

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Locos Por Juana + Juanita Ca$h

Fri Jun 24 8pm
$15, $12 mbrs (+$3 at the door)

Miami reggae, salsa, hip hop agitators and a Mexican-American artist that puts the music of Johnny Cash to cumbia grooves!

Locos Por Juana:

Three of the core Miami based Locos Por Juana members have roots in Colombia. They incorporate the beloved sounds of their heritage and upbringing like cumbia, champeta and Afro-Colombian rhythms such as mapale and chande, reshaping and breathing new life into them in order to give them a new identity altogether. Locos Por Juanas sound also takes in the influence of their native Miami including reggae, reggaeton, ragamuffin and dub along with hip hop and funk  leading to fusion that they coined "that island swing".

”Blending relaxed reggae grooves with biting social commentary, hip-hop raps with brassy solos, Locos por Juana pulls listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico.’ – LA TIMES

Juanita Ca$h

A group of musicians proposed the following scenario:
“What if Johnny Cash went on one of his epic benders, crossing the Mexican border for the umpteenth time and landed in Juárez? What if, in the midst of all the chaos that town has to offer, he hooked up with a local woman and they had a child? What if this child were musically gifted? After all, she would descend from a pretty radical gene pool. If this child grew up in Juárez, it’s safe to say she would be raised on her dear old dad’s tunes, but also on Latin music, especially cumbia.”

 The child lives, and her name is Juanita Ca$h. Helmed by Erica Ramos, the band Juanita Ca$h takes the above fictionalized scenario to create this dizzying hybrid, merging the words of the great Johnny Ca$h with cumbia and other Latin grooves to create something oh-so-wild.  The result has alt-cumbia fans buzzing. 

The band just released a a five-track EP and in January, Juanita Ca$h offered fans a peek at one track, “Fuego Del Amor,” their take on the classic “Ring of Fire,” complete with a gorgeous champeta dance spin. The band has since followed up this track with their twist on “Cocaine Blues.”

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/juanitacash

8 PM $15, $12 mbrs (+$3 at the door)

Dance party! Seating is limited

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