Kinsey Sicks: Electile Dysfunction

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Kinsey Sicks: Electile Dysfunction

Mon Apr 11 7:30pm
Front-Row Reserved $35, $30 mbrs | General Admission $25, $22 mbrs. | + $3 at the door

Join The Kinsey Sicks as Rachel, Trampolina, Trixie, and Winnie campaign to become the first Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet to be elected President of the United States on the Republican ticket. 

Watch as the gals take (a) back America by out-pandering, out-conspiracy theorizing, and out-outlandishing even the most cynical of the current crop of Presidential candidates through sharp-witted original songs and biting parodies that are delivered in glorious four-part harmony.

Mature Audiences Recommended

7:30pm | Limited Front-Row Reserved Seats $35, $30 mbrs | ADV General Admission $25, $22 mbrs. | + $3 at the door

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