Neighborhood Voices: Our Stories About Race Where We Live

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Neighborhood Voices: Our Stories About Race Where We Live

presented by Creative Alliance and Banner Neighborhoods

Sat Sept 19 10:30am-3pm

Artwork by Alanna Purdy

A bilingual workshop presenting artistic expression against racism featuring spoken word artist, Henry Mills. Members of No BS Brass Band collaborate with participants to create new music in response to racism, oppression, and healing. Local storytellers present real accounts of discrimination, immigration and assimilation into white culture. Workshop is presented as part of exhibition, Despu├ęs de la Frontera, telling the stories of the 51,000 unaccompanied youth who have fled Central America to the USA in 2014.

Lunch provided to all participants. Must register by clicking HERE or calling 410-276-1651. Suggested for ages 14 and older. Students earn service learning hours.
Coffee ready at 10:30am! FREE!

Sponsored by Research Associates Foundation, MECU, Baltimore National Heritage Area and Baltimore Community Foundation. Produced and facilitated by committee organized by Creative Alliance and Banner Neighborhoods.

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