The Haunting of Poe: A Burlesque Masquerade

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The Haunting of Poe: A Burlesque Masquerade

Presented by Gilded Lily Burlesque & Deanna Danger Productions

Fri Oct 30 8:30pm
$25, $23 mbrs. DOOR: $28, $25 mbrs.

Denizens of Baltimore! Don your finest masquerade attire and join the mischief makers and voyeurs as Gilded Lily Burlesque and Deanna Danger Productions take you on an immersive journey into the fated life of Edgar Allen Poe.

Be amongst the privileged devotees in Prince Prospero's ball as he and his guests resurrect our melancholic Poe-t for a surreal celebration of Poe's literary works through storytelling, burlesque, belly dance, and more, awith a POST show dance party (we did say masquerade) with dark music provided by DJ Jfell!

Masquerade with us through Poe's pages and become a part of this unique experience...for you too shall be safe behind our walls as the Red Death spills into the streets, claiming unfortunate souls on this Mischief Night in Baltimore!

8:30pm | ADV: $25, $23 mbrs. DOOR: $28, $23 mbrs.

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