Continental Bridges: A Day of Sister Cities Workshops

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Continental Bridges: A Day of Sister Cities Workshops

Sat Sept 26 12-5pm

Join the Creative Alliance, the Baltimore-Rotterdam and Baltimore-Xiamen Sister Cities Committes for a full day of performances, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on workshop for all ages celebrating the rich cultural heritage of these three diverse cities.  Among the many opportunities to explore, visitors can learn traditional Dutch Tile Painting from Marion Brecht, Calligraphy, Caligraphy from Mr. Chen Jinrong, and Tai Chi from the Jing Ying Institute, demonstrations of traditional Chinese music and Kung-Fu, and lectures exploring the parallels and differences between our three cultures.

Dates & Info | Saturday, September 26th | Noon – 5pm
Cost | $5 grants entry to all workshops
Evening presentations & art opening reception | 5 – 8pm | FREE

 The Continental Bridges exhibition will be on display in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery


12:00-12:10 | Chinese Opera | Theater
Qiongshu Wang performs from a Peking Opera, "Farewell My King" in which Xiang Yu (the King) is surrounded by his enemy’s forces. Yu Ji (the Queen) bids farewell to her husband by performing a sword dance and praying for a final peace!

12:00-1:00 | Tai Chi Workshop| Outdoors - Patterson Park near Eastern Ave and Ellwood Ave.
Learn about the history and benefits of tai chi and learn how to do the basic movements during this workshop. Originally developed for self-defense, this ancient Chinese art form has developed into a graceful, meditative form of exercise with gentle, flowing movements.

12:15-12:30 | Dance to Live Fitness Ballet Group | Theater
Eye-catching colorful Chinese fan dance and other traditional dances, performed by adults.

12:40-1:00 | Believe in Music Program | Theater
Believe in Music is a Living Classrooms Foundation program that aims to uplift underprivileged Baltimore City students through music education. This summer, students recorded a song "Believe in Baltimore," a plea for positive change in the wake of the April uprising. Today, participants will show the video, talk about their experiences, and the plans to make Dutch and Chinese versions to serve as “video postcards” to be sent to our sister cities. The project is a collaboration with WTMD, Future Islands, Lower Dens, and other musicians.

1:00-2:00 | Dutch Tile Art Workshop  | Classroom, 2nd floor
Rotterdam committee member Marion Brecht teaches kids how to paint tiles in Delft blue tile style.

1:10-1:30 | New Century School Singers |  Theater
Student choir from the Chinese-immersion program at New Century School in Fell’s Point sing Chinese songs. 

1:40-2:20 | Trash Talk Workshop  | Theater
Rotterdam theatre artist and educator Kathie diStefano hosts a fun workshop to learn about trash & recycling habits in Rotterdam and how it compares to Baltimore.

2:00-4:00 | Chinese Calligraphy Demo | Near front desk 
Master calligrapher Chen Jinrong will demonstrate beautiful, traditional Chinese brushwork.

2:35-2:45 | Dance to Live Fitness Ballet Group (kids) | Theater
Eye-catching colorful Chinese fan dance and other traditional dances, performed by children.

3:00-4:00 | Dutch Tile Art Workshop |  Classroom, 2nd floor
Rotterdam committee member Marion Brecht teaches kids how to paint tiles in Delft blue tile style.

3:00-4:00 | Kung Fu Demo, Lion Dance, Tai Chi | Theater
Dazzling demos of traditional Chinese Kung Fu martial arts and the famous Lion Dance, performed by Jing Ying Institute.

Ongoing | Ship Shape game | Lobby
In the sister cities Ship Shape game, miniature shipping containers have arrived at the Port of Baltimore from our Sister Cities around the world. You can choose one of the shipping cards to find out which container you should unload. Use the crane to remove a container from the right Sister City and win a souvenir from our friends overseas! 

Ongoing | Dutch poffertjes  | Outside under the marquee
Enjoy tasty Dutch poffertjes, made by a member of DC Dutch

5:00-5:20 | Immigrant Experiences in Baltimore & Rotterdam | Media Lab, 2nd floor | FREE
Artists Annet Couwenberg and Michelle Gomez compare and contrast the experience of immigrants in Rotterdam and Latino immigrants in Baltimore's Highlandtown neighborhood, through the prism of art outreach programs they have conducted with immigrants.

5:30-5:55 | Trash Talk  | Media Lab, 2nd floor | FREE
Rotterdam theatre artist and educator Kathie diStefano talks about her work — teaching sustainability and recycling topics to children in the Netherlands through the medium of theater and play.

6:00-8:00 | Exhibition Reception  | Amalie Rothschild Gallery, 2nd floor | FREE
Exhibit features artists from Xiamen and digital fabrication works from art students at MICA and Rotterdam’s WdKA. Curated by Stephen Bradley and Annet Couwenberg. Exhibit information

For more information, see the Baltimore Sister Cities website


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