Trouble in Stubble: A Night of Boylesque

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Trouble in Stubble: A Night of Boylesque

Presented by Trixie Little

Fri June 20 TWO SHOWS: 7:30 & 10pm
Event Type: Burlesque

$20, $17 mbrs.

Trixie Little presents TROUBLE IN STUBBLE: A Night of Boylesque Ladies, hold onto your knickers! And fellas, get out your banana hammock! Trixie Little has assembled an internationally acclaimed array of studliness that you do NOT want to miss! Riding into Baltimore for one night only! Showcasing the rippling talents of FOUR Burlesque Hall of Fame King of Boylesque Winners: New York City's legendary "stripperformance" artist, Tigger! (2006 winner); Globe-trotting sexy simian, The Evil Hate Monkey (2010); Aussie circus stunner Captain Kidd (2011), and newly crowned tall drink of water that is Mr. Gorgeous (2014)! Hosted by the pint-size powerhouse Trixie Little and Fez Faanana, the Australian emcee and creative director of the all-studmuffin touring circus show BRIEFS. This show defies sexual preference, offering something for everyone: sexy, funny, short, tall, hairy, smooth, athletic, and intelligent.

Do. Not. Miss. It. TWO SHOWS. 7:30 & 10pm $20, $17 mbrs.

Mr. Gorgeous Shall Now Be Known as King Gorgeous - Bedford+Bowery

It is always fun to visit Trix and Monk at homeā€¦

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