Resident Artist Group Exhibition: The Red Fantastic

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Resident Artist Group Exhibition: The Red Fantastic

Amalie Rothschild Gallery

On view: Jan 30 – Feb 21 Gallery hours: Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm
Event Type: Exhibitions

Join us for the free Opening Reception on Friday January 30th, 6-8pm

Multi-purpose resident group exhibition.  Formulated with biodegradable components. Mixes well with oil, grease, tar, and other tough soils quickly, leaving behind no residue. Perfect for supplementing engines, fork lifts, machinery, concrete floors, and other industrial surfaces.

Cameron Shojae:  1 part representational, 1 part traditional, 1 part
Rubenesque, pushes out fine art wallpaper and slash-and-burn painting
techniques in favor of the main stage of high art.

Paul Rucker:  1 part visual artist, 1 part composer, 1 part musician. 
Add media, live performance, sound, original compositions and visual
art.  Effective for community impact, human rights issues, and
historical research.

Jeffrey L. Gangwisch:  1 part video, 1 part performance, mixes well
across many local groups.  Distill for static imagery.

Amy Sherald:  All parts visual; socially, allegorically contextual.

Kate MacKinnon:  Full parts pop-inspired high-gloss abstraction.  Do not

Amanda Fiore:  1 to 2 ratio novelist and short story.  Complex
interactions with class, culture, self & happiness.

Christopher Kojzar:  Dilute 1 part drawing, 1 part digital media, and 1
part performance into 10 parts amiabaility.  Further certification
available upon request.

Tiffany Lange:  1 part artist, 1 part illustrator, 1 part designer, add
3rd dimension for puppetry.  All parts introspective and whimsical.


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