Love Songs of the Presidents

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Love Songs of the Presidents

with the Dan Meyer Choir

Mon Feb 16 3pm
$5, $8 at door.

If you've been looking for a way to combine your celebrations of Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day, The Dan Meyer Choir has the perfect solution for you! Love Songs of the Presidents is a collection of original 4-part choral music with lyrics pulled from poems and love letters written by former US Presidents! Written for their sweethearts from their youth, lovers and even their wives, these songs range from sweet to scandalous (Warren Harding waxes eloquent about his lover's breasts)! We'll deliver the romantic ramblings of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Herbert Hoover and several other sizzling Presidents. You'll get to know these presidents like you never have before through the pop-styled settings of their passionate poetry. 3pm. $5, $8 at door.

Composer/arranger Dan Meyer leads his 18 voice choir, specializing in music of historical eccentricity and interest. Meyer has taught music on Guam and Oahu, resurrected pop songs about Baltimore written after 1850, as well as sung period songs about the Battle of Baltimore.

Interesting quotes from “Love Songs…”

"I have gone a-wooing to several gentlemen, But have not succeeded with any one of them." - James Buchanan

"I love your knees, their dimples kiss, I love your ways of giving bliss." - Warren Harding

Washington DC’s Metro Weekly says…

“Let’s hear it for Daniel Meyer, whose concert work reveals him to be a force in choral arrangement to be reckoned with.”

Paul Rucker: REWIND is on view in the gallery from Feb 7 - Mar 7. The exhibtion contains visuals that may be distrubing. Click here for more info.

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