The Screen Painters w/ Little Castles

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The Screen Painters w/ Little Castles

Screen Painters' 100th B’day Screening!

Thu Jun 20 7:30pm
$12, $7 mbrs

An art form found only in Baltimore and born wholly in Highlandtown, screen painting is 100 years old this year! The film premiered  at The Patterson exactly 25 years ago, The Screen Painters tracks the birth of painting window screens, Baltimore’s indigenous art form. Homeowners commissioned their screen doors and windows to be painted so that they could see out but passersby couldn’t see in. Painted screen scholar Elaine Eff joins in a post-film discussion with cinematographer Richard Chilsom, along with screen painters Dee Herget, Tom Lipka, and others. Little Castles, the short doc on Baltimore’s Formstone tradition, opens. Come back Saturday, June 22 for a tour of painted screens around East Baltimore!

Proudly sponsored by the PNC Foundation.

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