I Am Nasrine

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I Am Nasrine

A film about love, finding oneself and the eternal search for home

Thu Oct 24 7pm
$12, $7 mbrs.

Dir. Tina Gharavi, Iran/UK, 2012, 93 mins. (English and Persian w/Eng. Subtitles)

When you change where you are do you change who you are? Set in contemporary Tehran and Britain, this film follows the paths of Nasrine and Ali, a sister and brother who live a comfortable, middle class life in Iran. When Nasrine has a run-in with the police, her father sends Nasrine and her brother to the UK. Nasrine is excited about the prospect of starting a new life in the West and is eager to experience new freedoms. While Nasrine is quick to settle into her new life, make friends, and form new bonds, her brother Ali struggles with the realities of his new life in Britain and his awakening sexuality. When 9/11 hits, both siblings feel vulnerable without their parents, and then tragedy strikes. Nasrine must discover an incredible courage within herself to deal with the consequences of politics and find a better world. Nominated for a BAFTA award (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) as the most outstanding debut. 7pm. $12, $7 mbrs.

"Life enhancing, an important and much needed film" –Sir Ben Kingsley

"A valuable debut, shot with a fluent kind of poetry" –Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"Gharavi's love for Newcastle and its citizens and the way people can and do reach out to each other is actually what propels this film" –Deborah Ross, The Spectator

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