Global culture

Sat Oct 12

The female led avant rock group hailing from the village of the same name bring their new genre of Tuareg guitar mixed with traditional rural folk. Versed in tradition, Fatou Seidi Ghali and her band have created contemporary studio versions that are unlike anything ever before recorded, transporting rural nomadic song into the 21st century.

Sun Oct 13

A night of Argentinian female musical originals with Sophia Viola, a singer whose sound drifts from tango to Andean roots and Dat Garcia, an folktronica musician and activist whose songs question and tell profound stories.


Mon Oct 14

The whistling of the high-mountain wind forms eerie overtones and postmodern statement. The repeated thrum of a string against wood and hide turns into a meditative, evocative figure straight from the avant garde. The descendants of isolated Siberian herdsmen make serious, strangely universal music out of some of the planets quirkiest acoustics.

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