Workshops and Classes

From hands-on workshops exploring new materials and techniques to professional development programs and networking opportunities, our commitment to providing resources for Baltimore artists has been part of our mission from day one.

Sat Sep 26

SAT SEP 26 | $35 | 6-8PM

Wed Oct 7

Learn how to connect and use your authentic singing and speaking voice using Sahffi’s own Vocal Ladder Method. The Vocal Ladder is a step-by-step guide created to help you understand how to use your body as an instrument. 

Sat Oct 10

SUN OCT 11 | 1-5pm | $10 

Sun Oct 11

Artist Cinder Hypki leads participants in a hands-on keepsake workshop that combines art and ritual. This meditative activity will bring joy and healing during a worldwide pandemic. Participants will reflect and select loved ones to honor through writing and creating an artistic keepsake. 

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