Creative Alliance presents new work by international, national, and local filmmakers. We also lend support and vital resources to Baltimore's thriving independent filmmaking community with workshops, career development, and places for filmmakers to gather, meet one another, and share their passions. 

Thu Oct 6

Creative Alliance Rocky Horror w/ Betty O'Hellno & Friends
THU OCT 6 | 2 Shows at 7pm & 10pm
The nuttiest, musical cult film of all time rockets back from 1975. We screen the film, sing the songs, and show off our favorite local Rocky Horror performers. Tighten up your garters, come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab!

Sat Dec 10

Are you ready to take your love of The Last Dragon to the next level?

Thu Jan 12

Join us for an evening of short films which explore pioneering Baltimore musicians, from Beach House, Dan Deacon and DDm to trailblazing bluegrass musician Hazel Dickens.

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