Creative Alliance presents new work by international, national, and local filmmakers. We also lend support and vital resources to Baltimore's thriving independent filmmaking community with workshops, career development, and places for filmmakers to gather, meet one another, and share their passions. 

Fri Aug 23

Grab your favorite wingman, check your Ego at the door, and prepare for danger as you sip drinks, shout the lines, and win stuff! We're making Top Gun into an interactive movie night!

Sun Sep 1

CAN I KICK IT? is a unique film experience, produced by SHAOLIN JAZZ, that caters to the lovers of Martial Arts flicks, the music they inspired, and everything in between. At each CAN I KICK IT? event SHAOLIN JAZZ screens a cult-classic martial arts film and the movie is given a unique scene-by-scene score featuring a blend of hip hop, soul, funk, and more mixed LIVE by DJ 2-Tone Jones. The result - your movie experience is redefined by 2-Tone’s live soundtrack!

Sat Sep 28

This festival honors and awards the best filmmakers in the Greater Baltimore region. We select short films that push the envelope and inspire audiences to view film and video through a uniquely Baltimore lens. Made In Baltimore accepts fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, horror, mockumentary—you name it!

Tue Oct 15

Filmmakers had three months to craft original short films, all using the same score by composer Rick Szybowski. They could not alter the score and had to use it to guide the direction of their film. Join us for the premiere showings of the films!

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