Narrative Film

Information about narrative films.

Tue Oct 15

Filmmakers had three months to craft original short films, all using the same score by composer Rick Szybowski. They could not alter the score and had to use it to guide the direction of their film. Join us for the premiere showings of the films!

Thu Oct 17

The nuttiest, musical cult film of all time rockets back from 1975. We screen the film, sing the songs, and show off our favorite local Rocky Horror performers. Tighten up your garters, come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab!

Sun Nov 3

In Baltimore, 33% of residents don’t have access to a car and low-income or minority households are more likely to use bikes as a necessary mode of transportation to work or school. Yet many women and people of color find barriers to bicycling in their paths. These individuals often feel less welcome in biking spaces, live in neighborhoods that lack bike infrastructure, and are more likely to experience street harassment. Take a ride with us as we tour the Highlandtown community on two wheels and experience some of the challenges that cyclists in our community face first hand. Following the ride, stick around for a screening of Afghan Cycles which uses the bicycle to tell a story of women’s rights - human rights - and the struggles faced by Afghan women every day.

Fri Nov 8

The 11th annual 29 Days Later Film Project is an exciting competition that motivates filmmakers to make a short film and have their projects shown on the big screen in front of a packed house.

Sun Nov 10

"Not a Film Fest: Anticolonial Conversations in Baltimore" explores the theme of social justice movements of the past and present that have largely been unrecognized or misrepresented. By crafting a program anchored in film, lively conversation, and debate, we aim to make clear the intimate (and sometimes problematic) connections between our national struggles and those that occur internationally. Our program includes a series of diverse events across Baltimore city that make clear the connections between liberation struggles - without regard to manufactured borders - and to inspire a local conversation of our deep commitment to justice and emancipation and its intersectional complexity through a global lens.

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