Music and Performance

Sat Nov 9

From the rural community of Petite Rivière Bayonnais, these musical masters showcase the enthralling percussion, dance, call-and- response singing of Haiti.

Mon Nov 11

With roots firmly planted in the fiery passion of the Jazz Manouche tradition, Daisy Castro’s unique style refreshes and renews with a modern edge and global influence and instrumentation, bringing sounds of the past and future together in a very exciting way.

Thu Nov 14

Baltimore’s finest convene to celebrate the wise, wonderful, weird words of Daniel Johnson.

Fri Nov 15

Since 2000, the trio Genticorum has been among the innovative players bringing the French-Canadian music of Quebec to the world. Playing fiddle, guitar, and accordion with foot percussion, the group performs traditional songs with intricate three-part harmony and original tunes inspired by folk tradition.

Sat Nov 16

Envelop yourself in a transformative performance, futuristic and retro, led by Scott Patterson and the Astronaut Symphony; together they create symphonic art pieces by mixing beat box and opera, ballet and punk music, and funk! Savor scrumptious Southern cuisine by Ida B’s and tasty cocktails.

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