Music and Performance

Thu Sep 12

Winchester, Virginia native Patsy Cline had a voice and style unparallel in country music. A plane crash at the age of 30 cut her life and career horribly short but not before she left a lasting legacy to this day. This show honors Patsy, a true pioneer for women in country music.

Sat Sep 14

With Headliners: Sabrina White-Karmella-Iyana Deschanel

Plus: Abbi Kadabra-Ariel Von Wuinn-Baby-Bambi Galore0Chastity Vain-Deedee Dereon-Jalah Nicole-Kandi Pop-Kayden Amour Chloe-Lilyah Michelle Adams-Lulu Lioness- Lyric Bordeaux-Onyx D Pearl-Pariah Sinclair-Sabrina Sommers-Sasha Mann-Sextia N’Eight-Shaunda Leer-Venus Fastrada-Victoria Blair-Washington Heights

Sun Sep 15

Join the students of our transformative burlesque series Essential Tease for a showcase unlike any you have seen before!

Under the guidance of Jacqueline Boxx, Cherie Nuit, and Nona Narcisse, this series guided students through act creation from start to finish through internal and external work, all the while incorporating mindful techniques for both on and off the stage.

Fri Sep 20

Mortified is a comic excavation of teen angst artifacts (journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories, and more) as shared by their original authors before total strangers

Sat Sep 21

Clarinetist Michael Winograd has been a leading figure in the post-revivalist generation of performers of Klezmer music.  Klezmer, instrumental Ashkenazi Jewish folk music, was rediscovered and renewed beginning in 1980s following a twenty year lull.  Baby-boomer jazz and folk musicians, interested in digging up this lost culture, (for many whom it was their own,) submerged themselves in old records, organized bands, and jump started the Klezmer Revival.  

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