Sat Sep 14

With Headliners: Sabrina White-Karmella-Iyana Deschanel

Plus: Abbi Kadabra-Ariel Von Wuinn-Baby-Bambi Galore0Chastity Vain-Deedee Dereon-Jalah Nicole-Kandi Pop-Kayden Amour Chloe-Lilyah Michelle Adams-Lulu Lioness- Lyric Bordeaux-Onyx D Pearl-Pariah Sinclair-Sabrina Sommers-Sasha Mann-Sextia N’Eight-Shaunda Leer-Venus Fastrada-Victoria Blair-Washington Heights

Thu Oct 17

The nuttiest, musical cult film of all time rockets back from 1975. We screen the film, sing the songs, and show off our favorite local Rocky Horror performers. Tighten up your garters, come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab!

Sat Jan 25

The world's tallest and hairiest drag queen and her four-piece band bring their balls-to-the-wall rock and roll cabaret to Baltimore for the first time ever.

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