Creative Alliance builds neighborhood engagement as a cultural hub anchored in Highlandtown. We produce award-winning workshops, exhibitions, and festivals with community members and partners to promote vibrancy and a sense of community in Baltimore’s most diverse neighborhood.

Sat Oct 8

Baltimore artist Valeska Populoh welcomes you to join a group of parade enthusiasts to explore the art of creating one-of-a-kind lanterns from paper and reed.

Wed Oct 19

Painted screens are a unique Baltimore folk art.

Sat Oct 22

With over 20 years of monumental lantern making and spectacle-creating under their belts, the diverse communities of Baltimore come together each year to create The Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival in Patterson Park!

Wed Oct 26

Spread kindness throughout Baltimore!

Sat Nov 5

El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican celebration that honors deceased family members with a colorful, exciting, traditional celebration. The CIELO department is happy to bring this annual holiday to Baltimore to remember our loved ones who passed away but stay in our hearts. So, dress up, paint your face, and join us for a family procession with the gigantic Catrin and Catrina puppets, a Mariachi band, and neighbors to walk from Patterson Park to Creative Alliance!

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