support black artists in baltimore
Fri Jun 5

We all can do so much more. One direct way is to ensure maximum financial support goes to Black artists and communities. Here is a list of upcoming performances, virtual classes, organizations, and local restaurants that could use your support. 

A commitment from creative alliance
Wed Jun 3

These past weeks have been challenging for us. As staff, we have had to pause, look into the heart of our organization, revisit our mission, and reaffirm our commitment to our community, humanity, inclusivity, and to listen and learn with openness.
To Black communities: we hear you, we stand with you, and we are committed to digging deeper and joining you in dismantling the embedded systemic issues within our society. We will speak out against racist acts (both subtle and overt) and create a safe space for collaboration and communication. Many of these systemic issues exist within our own organization. We will do the hard work to help facilitate change right here at the Creative Alliance. 

We will listen, learn, speak up, and act. 

deliverable summer gift ideas
Mon Jun 1

Need some summertime gifts that can arrive right on your friend or loved ones' doorstep? We have lots of ideas for you! Better yet, everything in this list supports local artists, musicians, and teachers whose income has been affected in the past months.

the big show creative alliance members exhibition and variety show
Wed May 27

Our 25th annual members' extravaganza IS happening! 

The BIG Show Exhibition Opening & Variety Show will take place on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 – and we want you to participate! Don't miss the opportunity to have your artwork on the walls of our main gallery (yes, on our actual walls), or your fabulous talents showcased on our virtual stage! Who knows... you might be the next BIG thing!

The BIG Show was the very first Creative Alliance program that launched twenty-five years of artistic expression, community, cultivation of young minds, and so much joy. It all began in our original location in Fells Point in 1995 and, after few moves, landed in the renovated Patterson Theater in 2003 to spur artistic development in Highlandtown. But, Creative Alliance is more than a location. It’s more than a building. It’s a force for positive change in Southeast Baltimore and beyond. It's a community of artists and audiences that believe in the power of artistic expression. And so... The BIG Show must go on!

Fri May 8

The “Virtually Creative” after school program is an extension of our onsite programming that takes place at John Ruhrah Elementary/ Middle and Tench Tilghman Elementary/ Middle. In an effort to continue supporting our schools we are providing afterschool programming online. Each day, students receive homework help and hangout time to  connect with friends. They will also have virtual Restorative Practice circles every Friday.  Below is a detailed breakdown of the Virtually Creative schedule. 

Michael Staffieri NYC Filmmaker
Fri May 8

Michael is a NYC-based art director, filmmaker, and professor unshockingly dedicated to old Hollywood film stars and the sparkle of the cinema facade. You may have also seen him once or twice upon the Creative Alliance stage delivering bawdy one-liners as his alter-ego, Fulla Regrets, a glamorously spinster drag queen. Check out some of his favorites available on streaming platforms!

creative responses worldwide
Wed Apr 29

Join our Community Arts Liaison Ari Pluznik as he chats with creatives around the world to understand how COVID-19 is affecting communities abroad. Hear how artists, musicians, educators, health workers, and others are using creativity to stay connected, uplifted, and educated during the time of the virus!

indie digital theater
Fri Apr 24

Check-in weekly for a brand new initiative from our distributors featuring new indie releases online to support local theaters during the global health crisis. Many film theaters, production crews, and talent have had their livelihoods placed on hold. Through this partnership, you can support the film community directly.

film festival baltimore noirantine
Tue Apr 21

The window of your bedroom slides open and the sounds of the city creep in. Birds chirping. Sirens wailing. A woman sings opera in the distance... badly. You stumble over to your favorite vintage thrift chair, whiskey in hand. You are alone. You’ve watched every 1940s noir genre film on every streaming platform imaginable and you’re waiting for Criterion Channel to release a golden oldie… No? Well, how would you do it?

Get creative and give us your best 5-minute interpretation of film noir! Submit your NOIRANTINE film by MAY 31 to be included in the virtual line-up! All submissions will be posted on the Creative Alliance Youtube Channel in a NOIRANTINE Playlist for public voting on June 7th. Scores will be tallied by likes over the course of 2 weeks, so be ready to share share share!!


baltimore window gallery
Wed Apr 15

Help turn Baltimore into a city-wide gallery!
For the time being, the doors to museums and galleries all over Baltimore and the world are closed. While we can visit them online for inspiration, why don’t we create our own galleries at home? Let’s create artwork inside to exhibit outside! 

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