Get in the Film Noir Mood for the Marquee Ball

Get in the Film Noir Mood for the Marquee Ball
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East by East Eastern

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks this Friday night around 8pm, you might get a ticket and directions telling you to go west on Eastern then turn north on East, there on the north by northwestern corner is a building that’s not what it seems.

It is a group of “Actor Types” poking some fun at these stylized Hollywood melodramas. You’ve watched the stars on the silver screen before, you know the ones, the deadly dames, dangerous hoods, crooked cops, dreamers of broken dreams and flawed heroes. Find out about it in … East by East Eastern.

Bone up on your noir lingo before Friday:

  • ace: typical gangster nickname
  • axe: musical instrument
  • big house: prison
  • bracelets: handcuffs
  • cabbage: money
  • choppers: teeth
  • cough up: hand over
  • crooner: singer (male)
  • dame: a woman
  • dick: detective
  • eyeball: look at
  • grab some air: hands up
  • grub: food
  • gumshoe: private eye
  • hit the pavement: walk
  • hooch: liquor
  • hot: stolen
  • ice: diamonds
  • java: coffee
  • kingpin: head gangster
  • mac: form of address for a man
  • sing: confess
  • sister: form of address for a woman
  • stool pigeon: informer
  • sucker/a: what no one plays you for
  • talk: confess
  • tomato: a woman

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Blood Red Kisses, White Hot Thrills!  

Blood Red Kisses, White Hot Thrills!

Fri Feb 1, 7pm cocktails, 8pm show

Tonight we set the stage for the biggest costume party in town, Creative Alliance's infamous Marquee Ball. Sip cocktails to sultry tunes by torch singer Jen Tydings (Motorettes) and pianist Erica Patoka. Aaron Henkin provides the audio backdrop to John Wright and his troupe’s spoofed vignettes from film noir “greats”. Take away lots of ideas for getting dolled up for this year’s Ball. Come early to see J.M. Giordano unveil a large Marquee Ball Kiss Me Deadly photo in the ARG gallery. 7pm cocktails, cash bar, 8pm show. $45, $40 mbrs, includes ticket to Marquee Ball Dance Party.

Can’t commit yet? Split the bill: Get tonight’s ticket only $15, $10 mbrs. Get the CHEAPEST Marquee Ball ticket for $30 available at the BOX OFFICE (the evening of this event only)

First Fridays are proudly sponsored by Towson University and the College of Fine Arts and Communications

Come EARLY for easier parking & have a fab dinner at Clementine at Creative Alliance! Kitchen open: Thu 5-10pm, Fri & Sat 5-11pm, bar till midnight. Sun brunch 10am-3pm. Reservations at 410-276-1651 ext. 202