One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border

One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border

Event Type: music/performance, exhibitions, Latino

Sat Sept 6 12-1pm


Overview One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border

One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border is a woman’s coming of age story on the United States/Mexico border specifically located in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. This documentary one-­‐woman theater play weaves personal borderlander interviews and creative imagination to tell the story of a family separated by border enforcement and the U.S./Mexico war on drugs. The goal of this performance project is to shed a feminine light on borderland identity that is influenced by dual languages, values and cultures as well as by cross-­‐border economics, nationalities and immigration policy.

One Journey begins in Juarez with a Mexican couple’s effort to give birth to their children in El Paso, Texas hoping to eventually immigrate to the United States and raise their family in better economic conditions. Narrated by their second born daughter, Yadira, takes audiences through her socialization of cross-­‐border life where home, work and family are separated by a physical barrier that her community must negotiate everyday. The plot thickens as border enforcement, family division, deportation and violence replace a cross-­‐border peace and normalcy she once thought existed. She explores ways to stitch the wound separating her family and community back together by reclaiming history through personal experiences and by attempting to reconnect with the border’s greatest life source, the Rio Grande.

This play uses theater, comedy, poetry, movement, dance, music, and multimedia projections to visually highlight the El Paso/Juarez physical location. By using a single prop, Yadira creates the border on which characters negotiate their identities from one nation to another. The play is approximately one hour long and includes ten different characters, all which serve to represent different perspectives regarding border dynamics.

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Part of the Chicanismo Y Latinismo Exhibtion 

One Journey - Scenic Drive from Yadira De La Riva on Vimeo.

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