Neighborhood Voices: Our Stories About Race Where We Live

Neighborhood Voices: Our Stories About Race Where We Live

Event Type: Workshops, music, performance & writing workshops

Sat Aug 10 8:30am-3pm


Overview Neighborhood Voices: Our Stories About Race Where We Live

Have you ever been avoided or left out because of race? Have you ever avoided or left someone out because of their race? Gain self-awareness and confidence as you learn how to tell your personal story about when you have benefited and been challenged by people of different races and ethnicities. Professional storyteller Jo Tyler facilitates training that ends with a community storytelling performance. Lunch included. Please register! or (410) 276-1651. 8:30am-3pm. FREE! Se habla español.

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WYPR Maryland Morning "Stories about Neighborhood Change!" with Tom Hall.

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Baltimore Guide's Workshops Will Explore Race by Danielle Sweeney.

This is a Community for All Ages (CFAA) neighborhood collaboration between Creative Alliance, Southeast CDC and Banner Neighborhoods funded by Baltimore Community Foundation.

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