Creative Alliance presents new work by international, national, and local filmmakers. We also lend support and vital resources to Baltimore's thriving independent filmmaking community with workshops, career development, and places for filmmakers to gather, meet one another, and share their passions. 

Fri Aug 31

Shout the lines! Dance like Kevin Bacon! Win stuff! Toss back small town cocktails! We’re turning our favorite teen angst dance flick into an interactive movie night!

Thu Sep 6

The HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing audiences a new kind of porn since 2005.

Thu Sep 13

Now in its 6th year, this festival presents the best student films from JHU, Morgan State, MICA, Goucher, Stevenson, UMBC, Towson and University of Baltimore. Join us as we reel in the freshest new filmmaking talent!


Fri Sep 21

Paternal Rites is a first-person essay film that examines the secret underbelly of a contemporary Jewish American family as they grapple with the aftereffects of physical and sexual abuse on their present-day lives. It is also a groundbreaking film about the nature of trauma and memory itself: the ways in which trauma encrypts in uncanny ways; the function of speech and narrative in the process of decryption; and the role of film and filmmaking in the practice of healing. Paternal Rites draws inspiration from podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab and the long lineage of LGBT essay filmmakers in North America such as Jenni Olson, Marlon Riggs, and Richard Fung.

Sat Sep 29

Shout the lines! Skip school! Win stuff! Toss back Ferris Bueller cocktails! We're turning  our favorite flick into an interactive movie night!

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