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LGBT Film Festival Events!

Creative Alliance's Charm City LGBT Film Festival Committee has meticulously selected six award winning films that have premiered at the most renowned national and international LGBT film festivals and we've planned more great events all weekend to highlight LGBT themes in film, art, spoken word, comedy and much more! Here's the line-up for the week!

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And we're BACK! Power and phones are on! All shows and workshops are on for today, Wednesday May 14th.

Weekend Classes for Young Artists & Performers

We're springing into a new semester of exciting Saturday and Sunday classes for kids! Digital photography, guitar lessons, cultural dance, video production, and ballet are included in the list of offerings. Register now!

Category: Kids & Families

Marquee Ball 2014 | Road to Rio!

A wacky film trip to Rio, Brazil’s internationally renowned center for Carnival nightlife, is our cue for this year’s parties with a fab samba dance, smokey Rio cocktail gathering, and glam dinner with honored guests.

Category: Music / Performance

Celebrate Black History Month

Creative Alliance honors the diversity, complexity, and beauty of Black artist experiences. We're not stopping at February... this celebration goes through March!